Malcolm Group, Inc.

Malcolm Roebuck emigrated from the UK to Mexico in 1963 and then to the United States in 1966. A Mechanical and Production Engineer by trade, he had a passion for functional analysis. One day, he overheard an insurance salesman talking about a photo pin-back button who said, “If someone could make a machine to do this, they’d make a million bucks!” Fast forward 3 years and Malcolm invented a revolutionary badge-making machine. With the birth of Badge-A-Minit, which is also 100% made in America, he took the world by storm with millions of worldwide sales, developing a range of machines to suit every skill level and business scale, while staying true to his core values of practicality and affordability.

And that was just the beginning.

Today, Badge-a-Minit is alive and well, but Malcolm Group Inc. is synonymous with more than just buttons. Our Best Impressions Catalog has provided tens of thousands of promotional products for fundraising, brand awareness, and everything in between, while our innovative pad-printing system, Imprintor, has been featured in tradeshows across the country.

Past projects include early horizontal drilling of oil wells in Texas, real estate projects, Black Angus cattle, waterslides, flying and aircraft leasing, marinas, ski resorts, RV campsites and a card counting hobby in Las Vegas. And we aren’t finished yet! Future and current projects include volatility investment algorithms through Roebuck Systems.

Together with his son Michael, they run Malcolm Group today. Michael has worked with Malcolm Group in some capacity since College. He started working as a farm hand with the Black Angus cattle operation during summer breaks from college and continued after college. In 1997 Michael was asked to serve on the Board of Directors and took a position with Badge-A-Minit as Marketing Director.

In 1999 Michael left Badge-A-Minit and started a boutique online search marketing and web design company where he grew and scaled the business to become one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the local area within a highly competitive market, generating millions of dollars in annual sales. He ensured both Malcolm Group companies as well as other customers’ continued profitability and success by personally expanding his role to become more involved in additional aspects of their businesses, including logistics, vendor/supplier sourcing, and customer service.

Michael sold the business in 2016 and returned to Malcolm Group full-time as VP Marketing & Operations. In 2019 he became President.

No matter the business, we here at Malcolm Group Inc. strive for excellence in product quality and customer satisfaction. We have decades of experience, a devoted following, and a desire to give our best in all we do, and it all started with one man who dared to dream.

Malcolm Group Suite of Companies


Since 1970, Badge-A-Minit has led the industry in the development of faster, better, easier, button-making at home, school, church or the office. Button-making can be a very successful way to raise funds, to promote school events, to campaign, or to start a home-based business. Enjoy button-making for fun, crafts or profit!


Best Impressions

Best Impressions is your one-stop shop for promotional products and business gifts. We help you find a cost-effective way to market and promote your business with custom promotional items that speak to your customers and clients. With the number of companies we work with the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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From coffee mugs and pens, to napkins and golf balls, you can print a name, logo, or custom design on just about anything. Our affordable, user-friendly system brings commercial printing right to your home or business, allowing you to produce a variety of items for profit, promotion, fundraising, or fun!

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Fulfillment Services

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Fulfillment and Returns Services especially for small and medium sized businesses. With over 80,000 sq. ft. of warehouse and office space conveniently located in central Illinois, less than 2 hours from O’hare International Airport. Illinois is located in the central United States allowing optimal shipping/trucking costs to each coast.

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